Some basic prerequisites which you’ll need in order to run eukalypse_now:

  • Python 2.7
  • python-setuptools, python-dev
  • Ideally a real database (like PostgreSQL or MySQL)
  • Likely a UNIX-based operating system

This guide will step you through setting up a virtualenv, installing the required packages, and configuring the basic web service.

Setting up an Environment

The first thing you’ll need is the Python virtualenv package. You probably already have this, but if not, you can install it with:

easy_install -U virtualenv

Once that’s done, choose a location for the environment, and create it with the virtualenv command. For our guide, we’re going to choose /www/eukalypse_now/:

virtualenv /www/eukalypse_now/

Finally, activate your virtualenv:

source /www/eukalypse_now/bin/activate


Activating the environment adjusts your PATH, so that things like easy_install now install into the virtualenv by default.

Install phantomjs or selenium

eukalypse uses phantomjs or selenium to create the images of websites. Please take a look at the documentation how to configure those to your needs. As default, eukalypse uses phantomjs and eukalypse_now tries to use the default configuration. You have to install phantomjs beforehand.:

sudo gem install phantomjs


During tests, selenium + chrome on Linux had the best performance and “correctness” of the images. phantomjs and selenium + firefox on Linux sometimes created false positives due to nondeterministic rendering.

Get eukalypse_now

It is available through pip.

pip install eukalypse_now


Create a custom settings file in ~/.eukalypse_now/

eukalypse_now init

Check the configuration in ~/.eukalypse_now//eukalypse_now.conf.py and update it to your needs. You can overwrite every configuration you find in the settings.py

Database setup / Migrations

eukalypse_now needs a database to store the tests and testresults. Create a database in ~/.eukalypse_now/:

eukalypse_now syncdb
eukalypse_now migrate

Start the Server

eukalypse_now needs 2 servers to function, celery and the admin interface. You have to start both and both inside your virtual environment.

Starging Celery

This daemon runs checks at night.:

eukalypse_now celeryd -E -B -I eukalypse_now.tasks

Starting the Web Service

run the server!:

eukalypse_now run_gunicorn -w 3